Third Grade is a VERY busy year!  Just to give you an idea of what we do in a day I have created a list of items your child will be working on each week.  Some of this will be completed at school, some at home and some will be going back and forth.  It is imperative that you help your child stay organized with their work this year.  We will have a specific organization system that will help them keep up with everything.


·      Fluency:  passages given to students on Monday.  They should practice reading passage in class and nightly.  They will answer 3 comprehension questions every Friday.

·      Writing:  A paragraph of the week packet will be completed in class.  A paragraph will be due every other Friday.  Student writing assignments will also be completed during class time.

·       Reading:  Students should read 30 minutes each night at home as part of completing a monthly book report.·       

·      Cursive:  Students will learn all cursive letters by December and will be expected to use them on certain assignments throughout the year.


       ·        Completion of interactive notebooks in               class.

       ·      Mini-assessments will be given for each            standard that is studied.       

   ·       A full assessment will be given at the end         of each unit of study.

   ·      Fact practice should be happening at                  home nightly.  This can be done using                flash cards or by using XtraMath.  Log in            instructions can be found on the Links page.

Science/Social Studies:

·      Completion of interactive notebooks in class.

·      Occasional projects to be completed in class and/or at home.       

  • ·      In-class and Special class experiments.